360 Video: The Transformative Experience

https://brittainynewman-1.atavist.com/360-video-ethics - click here to view Atavist Layout 360° Video: The Transformative Experience Brittainy Newman The New Frontier Innovative technology is shaping newsrooms of the future and as a result, is fundamentally changing the way that journalists and foreign correspondents produce and tell stories. Now more than ever, we have a bouquet of storytelling options … Continue reading 360 Video: The Transformative Experience


Final Post – Recap

It has been one week since the RIT Photojournalism class visited New York and I feel like a sponge absorbing all the information and advice after talking to some of the top publications and organizations in the field. Be self motivated, take pride in your work, practice makes perfect, do things that you want to … Continue reading Final Post – Recap

Day 2

Starting at CNN today we learned a valuable lesson that has repeated throughout the tours we have been going on. “[The industry] it’s always changing, and you’re always changing with it.” CNN’s displays articles and coverage on everything in regards to news, sports, business, entertainment, weather, politics, travel and much, much more. Due to this, … Continue reading Day 2

The Four C’s – Day 1

I see a million faces, all going a million miles an hour, with a million things to do. I hear a million conversations, with a million different voices. This is New York City. Through the hustle and bustle of the big apple lies some of the top photography employers and photographers in the world. This … Continue reading The Four C’s – Day 1