Day 2 – The Golden Goose

Starting at The Undefeated today, we were greeted by senior photo editor Brent Lewis. The intersection of sports, race and culture were the major issues the ESPN owned company covered throughout their online-driven photo stories. “Video is the golden goose,” Brent remarked. The majority of their stories consist of ….


Next up was the Pulitzer Center where we were greeted by Multimedia Coordinator and RIT Alum, Jordan Roth. With a 20 person staff, the pulitzer center does…  for the photo community.

  • Reporting, education, outreach
  • To Receive a grant → a great story → an outlet to publish → apply for grant → go report publication outlets are determined by size
  • Grantees, types of stories they’re interested, more details
  • Summer internships – march 8, 2018 — deadline


Next was McClatchy. Focused on regional / heavy emphasis on local coverage. Using video with intention was an important aspect on their…

“If I was a reader what do I want other readers to understand?”

  • 360 content, VR, AR – interests in discovering what the boundaries are in terms of technology and storytelling, are there boundaries? – experiencing stories in an immersive way.
    • “Capitalize on something that is visually stunning.”
  • What’s working, what’s not?
  • Social media — how these stories would play on Instagram vs. Facebook — reminder of picture editing II
    • Auto-play, start in action, not compromising the story, being selective on the stories you can put on social media — is this always true??



Speakers: Mitch Koppelman, Tom Kennedy, Karen, Daniella

  • Mental game of photography, mediation techniques, “being able to face ambiguity & uncertainty”  with courage and grace is powerful
  • The future of curated content is … drones, VR, 360, robots?
  • Being able to articulate an idea — major key
    • Having a visual grammar to go along with that — verbal concepts are more so important  
  • Reuters: core values consist of freedom from bias.
    • Interesting quote: “One man’s terrorists is another man’s freedom fighter.”


    • Gabriella:
      • Uses expressionism in her photography to reveal truths about current day America — conveyed through politics, community involvement
      • Super inspirational — to see a girl our age working on amazing projects and doing amazing things — truly inspirational
    • Karen:


  • Volunteer and be apart of a community if you have interests in documenting them


      • Major key ^^

        “Video is the golden goose”  – Brent Lewis




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