In Conclusion….

Isn’t it just so wonderful to be alive? I mean, this is literally the thought I had in my mind as I departed D.C. this Saturday afternoon. I listened to the stillness between passing cars, and gazed as my fingertips attempted to grasp the sunlight. I laughed at how the wind tasseled and tangled my brown curly hair as we drove away, and couldn’t help but think wow, this week long tour in D.C. truly did change my perceptions and focus on things.

  1. Be self motivated, take pride in your work, practice makes perfect, do things that you want to do, and above all, follow your dreams.
  2. Give editors options, take every assignment seriously, no matter how stupid and tedious it may be. Deliver more than what is expected of you.
  3. Learn to differentiate yourself, make yourself irreplaceable. Be the author of your own stories. You’re only limited by how far you choose to limit your ideas.

The photo industry is constantly changing and there are multiple ways to be involved and apart of this transformation. Collaboration and curiosity is key in being successful in this industry.  We are problem solvers and risk takers. We live in a fast paced world where we race from one thing to another, rarely sitting still. We must be curious about the world and those in it.

Every publication we met with gave us a huge perspective on how they see the industry moving forward. Knowing how to shoot stills is simply not enough, you have to be a jack of all trades. Roles such as a social media editor did not exist 10 years ago. New roles and positions are opening right and left. This is an exciting time for visual journalism and journalism in general. We must keep an open mind in regards to our story ideas. Stories can be found everywhere, not just internationally.

There are so many talented photographers and storytellers in the world, so what makes you different from the rest? When applying for an internship it is important to keep these thoughts in mind. Employers want to hire someone that is humble, flexible, and ultimately irreplaceable. This is a small community where everyone knows everyone. A small mistake can result in huge outcomes. Be honest with yourself, others and of course your work.

I’ve never felt so motivated and inspired in my entire life. I am simply fired with enthusiasm to continue on with the work that I am currently creating and what I will create in the future. And I just wanted to thank all the people that made it possible. Thank you to those who shared their thoughts, their experiences and their time with me. And above all, thank you to those who took time out of their busy schedule in order to help the students of the RIT photojournalism class with some guidance into what the future looks like for this fast-paced moving industry.

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