In Conclusion….

Isn’t it just so wonderful to be alive? I mean, this is literally the thought I had in my mind as I departed D.C. this Saturday afternoon. I listened to the stillness between passing cars, and gazed as my fingertips attempted to grasp the sunlight. I laughed at how the wind tasseled and tangled my … Continue reading In Conclusion….

Day 5

As an editor, you’re putting a majority of your trust into a photographer in order to make your personal and publications’ vision come to fruition. On day five of the RIT PJ Washington D.C. trip, we spoke with picture editors from Pew Research and The Smithsonian Magazine on what are some important things to keep … Continue reading Day 5

Day 4

It’s important to try new things. No one can argue with that. But, for young aspiring photojournalists, trying new things involves engaging with social media and using such platforms as Instagram to tell stories can be difficult. How does one tell a story using say Instagram or Snapchat you ask? On day four of the … Continue reading Day 4

Day 3 – The Golden Goose Returns

“Who is my audience? How can I keep them engaged? What do they want to see?” These questions pervaded throughout my mind today as we were confronted by day three of the RIT PJ Washington D.C. trip. Our first stop: USA Today. We were greeted by Andy Scott, deputy managing editor, Jack Gruber, a photojournalist … Continue reading Day 3 – The Golden Goose Returns

Day 2 – The Golden Goose

Starting at The Undefeated today, we were greeted by senior photo editor Brent Lewis. The intersection of sports, race and culture were the major issues the ESPN owned company covered throughout their online-driven photo stories. “Video is the golden goose,” Brent remarked. The majority of their stories consist of ….   Next up was the … Continue reading Day 2 – The Golden Goose

Day 1 – Washington D.C. Trip

Our first day in DC was full of long strides on shiny sidewalks alongside men and women dressed in dark patterned suits. I hurriedly sipped my coffee, while checking my phone screen with frequency, ensuring I didn't arrive a minute late to our meetings. We arrived at the Newseum, at 10AM, exploring the Pulitzer Prize … Continue reading Day 1 – Washington D.C. Trip

360 Video: The Transformative Experience - click here to view Atavist Layout 360° Video: The Transformative Experience Brittainy Newman The New Frontier Innovative technology is shaping newsrooms of the future and as a result, is fundamentally changing the way that journalists and foreign correspondents produce and tell stories. Now more than ever, we have a bouquet of storytelling options … Continue reading 360 Video: The Transformative Experience

Day 4

“Make the life of an editor easier.” It is a phrase we have heard in possibly every company we have visited, “Make the life of an editor easier.” Myles Little of TIME Magazine, said to be able to do this you have to be available. “Photo editors talk amongst one another,” said Olivier Laurent, editor … Continue reading Day 4

Day 3

Where do you see yourself in five years? It’s a big question to ask twenty something year olds in this day in age. After meeting with so many amazing companies, it seems like the possibilities to be involved one way or another with photography are endless. However, after meeting with James Estrin of the New … Continue reading Day 3