Day 2

Starting at CNN today we learned a valuable lesson that has repeated throughout the tours we have been going on. “[The industry] it’s always changing, and you’re always changing with it.” CNN’s displays articles and coverage on everything in regards to news, sports, business, entertainment, weather, politics, travel and much, much more. Due to this, … Continue reading Day 2

The Four C’s – Day 1

I see a million faces, all going a million miles an hour, with a million things to do. I hear a million conversations, with a million different voices. This is New York City. Through the hustle and bustle of the big apple lies some of the top photography employers and photographers in the world. This … Continue reading The Four C’s – Day 1

Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

My lucky number is two. I don’t have a legitimate reason as to why, but ever since I can remember I’ve always been drawn to that number. This past week, the number two showed off its charm.  A baseball cap full of ripped pieces of paper with numbers written on each one was passed around … Continue reading Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size

Remembering Srebenica

  Despite being the second largest massacre on European soil since the second World War, I don’t recall ever learning about the Srebrenica genocide in school. In July of 1995, 8,000 Bosnian boys and men were murdered by Serbian forces. I can only imagine complete chaos during a time where turmoil was at its peak; … Continue reading Remembering Srebenica